December 12, 2010

Asian Geometric Bracelet

About a quarter of this bracelet was beadwoven by my son. I think he did a great job! He is younger than I, and can concentrate in following a pattern much better than I do... ;D).
I thought I'd offer my kids something else to do during their Hannukah vacation from school, instead of the TV/PC routine... My daughter still didn't finish her bracelet (a different one, which we designed together), and I hope that now that the vacation is over, she will soon find the time to finish it. I don't have high hopes, though. Both my kids love to bead and find it relaxing, but they don't commit to finish anything they start... I guess Japanese Manga and Anime are much more attractive for them than playing with Japanese seed beads... ;)

So I had to finish this bracelet myself and can mark this one done!. A tutorial for it (including a few other design ideas) is also available now. Yay for a productive weekend!


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  2. Great bracelet! Looks wondeful!

    Greetings, Daniela

  3. Very beautiful, original design!

  4. Dieses Armband hat wirklich ein einzigartiges Design mit den Farben und den Zacken!
    Man muß immer hinschauen. Gratuliere zu so einer
    kreativen Idee.
    Liebe Grüße aus Niederösterreich:

  5. Ganz super das Armband !!
    LG Uschi