September 09, 2010

Mumbai Masala - Bollywood EBWC

Those of you who read my blog often can probably guess how fun it was for me to create Mumbai Masala bracelet - my entry (#33) for this month EBW Challenge, themed Bollywood.

Not only did I enjoy every minute of designing and working on it, but I also got inspired from it and more ideas and possibilities popped up while I was working. The photo might not show it, but this bracelet has Bling! I used a lot of crystals, and I really like the way it turned out.
I want to continue working on Bollywood inspired designs, as I feel I did not have enough of it yet... :)

Please visit the EBW blog to view all GORGEOUS, colorful entries between now and Sep. 15, and vote for your favorite. Also, if you find this bracelet interesting, a tutorial for it is available.


  1. Lovely work! A lot of delicacy!..

  2. Smadar I think I am in LOVE!!!!
    Shanah tova!!!!

  3. Es encantadora!!
    Los colores son muy tiernos!!
    Me gusta mucho!!

  4. The colours are just perfect :) I love it! :)

  5. I wish you a great new year too! I think I know now which tutorial will be my first pick! Humm....think you can guess?


  6. Thank you all so much!! :)

    Sabine, Kristen - thank you for the new year wishes, I hope yours will be most wonderful and creative! Bead on!... ;)

  7. Tiene unos brazaletes que son un verdadero lujo,me gustan mucho todos sus trabajos,la felicito

  8. I still love your works!!:) This one is also STUNNING! Shana Tova!

  9. This bracelet ist wonderful! The colours are fantastic! I love it!
    Many greetings from Austria,

  10. Oh it looks like my comment from yesterday disappeared :(
    I love this bracelet, i love how rich and colorful it is, but its still so light and fun, i would happily wear it :) i think it's the most 'bollywood' piece in the competition, it reminds me of the embroidery of glamorous indian dresses

  11. Thanks again to all of you for your comments!

    Emese, Shana Tova to you too! I remember much time had passed! :))

  12. I really do love this bracelet!! it's just gorgeous!!! Thanks Smadar to share with us your design!!!!