March 18, 2010

Oriental Lace Bracelet

Thank you everyone who took the time to answer the poll on the right side bar here! I really appreciate it!

This is my new bracelet I named "Oriental Lace" . I was once asked how I got to think of my designs -  the idea and inspiration for this bracelet design came from a beautiful fabric pattern I saw in Interfilier article about fashion trends for Summer 2010.

Image from

I fell in love with the pattern and just had to create something similar in beadweaving.
It was time consuming, as always, when it comes to designing something new, but as much fun playing with different beads size in different stitches until I found the right way to stitch the desired pattern. I then spent some more time stitching a few samples in different colors, improving ans simplifying the beadwoven pattern until I found the one that worked best. I just love this process!


  1. Very, very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Your bracelets look great! I admire the beaders who are able to write patterns like these or the layered loops... Would you tell me where I could get a pattern für the oriental lace? Barbara

  3. Dear Smadar,
    What a beautiful bracelet! I love the design!
    I happened to see one of your student's bracelet, absolutely beautiful!

  4. Thank you all very much! I'm glad you like it! :)

    B. - I will be offering the pattern for sale soon. If you want, please send me an e-mail (smadarstreasure [at] gmail dot com) and I will let you know when it's listed.

  5. Smadar these are truly beautiful.


  6. That bracelet design is stunning, I especially love the pink version.

  7. I have no words. Well I can say WOWWWWWW! :-)

  8. Beautiful work as always:)
    Pleae visit my blog - I have and award waiting for you :)

  9. I´m really enthused of your gtreat work.

  10. Thanks so much, Sandee, also for the award. I'm honored!

    Thank you too, Zuzzl! :)

  11. Is there somewhere I can buy the pattern. I bead graduation presents for my students and one fell in love with this design.