March 06, 2009

I Am a Lucky Mom! :)

I feel so lucky, being the mother of my two 14.5 y/o kids! I am happy & pleased that they find other interests apart from being computer freaks and book-worms... :D

My girl have recently started to learn beadweaving and she now creates jewelry for herself, and the boy - he cooks!
You know how it goes every time you ask children what they want to be when they grow up - they change their mind often... but, from the time he was 6 or 7 years old, my son always said he wants to be a chef (among other things, of course..) and liked trying new food. He also likes to stay in the kitchen while I cook and gladly gives a hand.
A few days ago he decided to make Sushi! I don't like Sushi so never made it at home and we never went out to eat Sushi in a restaurant, so I am guessing he collected all his knowledge from the internet. He bought all the ingredients needed for these salmon rolls and made everything by himself. I am so proud of him! It looked so delicious that I just had to taste. It was yummy! I had 5 of them... thanks to him I might change my mind about Sushi... :) The only thing he still needs to learn is to clean up the big mess left in the kitchen after cooking, including wiping the walls.. LOL


  1. How absolutely wonderful to have such creative kids!

    Your daughter's jewelry is so fun and your son - Wow! You will have to fight off all the girls!

  2. OOhh, can he come to my house and cook? I love sushi! And your daughter's doing better than me - I keep saying I'm going to start beadweaving, and I don't. I tried the crocheted beadweaving, but it's harder than I thought!

    Good show! - Good genes!

  3. Thank you, Rose and Beverly, I really feel blessed :)

    Storybeader, thanks, I am sorry but I am counting on him to replace me in the kitchen on a daily bases I can have more time to bead :P
    I know how you feel about bead crocheting, it took me a lot of trials until I succeeded.. try to use different colors of beads for a start, it might help..

  4. lucky you!!! :-) I love sushi!!! I actually have finally got my little monkey to try some and he loves it too, so now we can go eat it together, and I hope he grows up to make it too!!!! :-) a daughter who beads and a son who makes sushi, sounds like the sort of kids i would be v. proud of ;-)

  5. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!It's so inspiring! I just enjoy the magazine Bead and Button with your beautiful tutorial..Your Link at my place...Best wishes//Eva

  6. Thanks, Triz! you can be proud of your monkey too, he such a cute young boy!...

    Thanks so much, Eva, I'm glad you like the design. Thanks for linking to my blog, too :)

  7. Smadar, you have two lovely talented kids, and you have much reason to be so proud! G-d bless them!

    Nowadays I hardly know where my own shadow is.......I am so busy, BUT I did see your designs in B&B :-) Wonderful! Keep it up and rolling.

    warm hugzzz

  8. Amen to that, dear zebra, and thank you! :) (hugs)

  9. Lucky mum... and lucky children!

  10. Looks yummy! He did a great job!

    I see that your daughter takes after you not only with a talent for beadwork but she has a great eye for color!


  11. Thanks, Louise, these things makes me happy.. :)