February 21, 2009

It's Almost Spring

First I want to say Thanks! to everyone who voted for my EBW challenge entry "Tropical Nights", which came in fifth place. The AMAZING winning piece is called Tropical Treasures, created by Mariya of BeadCatcher. If you haven't had the chance to check the last EBW challenge entries, you better do so, because there are some other tropical eye candies… really worth the click… I especially like Cielo Design's entry, Tropical Paridise – an amazing work, so beautiful!

I am delighted to have received a word from Beadwork magazine – they will publish a project of one of my bracelets in the Oct-Nov. 2009 issue. Yay! :) I just wish that writing instructions (in general and particular in English (not my spoken language)), would be easier… It's much easier to just bead…
My Diagonal View floral bracelet is going to be published in the next issue of Bead&Button magazine.

Between spending much time at the computer and more time at the computer… ;), I managed to bead two new items. Clicking the computer mouse became to be like a body reflex … there are so many beautiful sites to check, so many amazing, inspiring artists to enjoy their work… I have been thinking about sharing and featuring here some of the works I have stumbled upon, I just need to find the … you know, t-i-m-e to write the posts… Hope I'll be able to start with it in the next few weeks..
So, the two new items are a necklace and a bracelet. I named them Almost Spring, as I was inspired by the rapidly changing weather in the end of the (Israeli dry) winter and the beginning of spring.

The last photo is of an embroidered pendant I am now working on. I immediately fell in love with this beautiful ornamented cabochon I bought from Bogal, especially because it reminds me of the Yemenite silversmith work of my grandfather. I am not sure yet how to finish it and what kind of necklace to create to hang it from, but I am really enjoying the process… I'll post photos of the pendant and necklace once they're finished. Hopefully in a short time…


  1. congrats!! on your project in Beadwork magazine. I will put that issue date on my bulletin board, but I'm sure you'll let us know! I love the two pieces together!

    I got instructions for crocheting a beaded rope, and don't understand a word of it! lol I guess you need some crocheting experience before you tackle adding beads. I love yours!

  2. Beautiful work! I love seeing your pieces - they always challenge me!

  3. Thank you, agi mama and rose :)

    Storybeader, thanks, I will try to find photographed instructions for you.. btw, mine is not crocheted but beadwoven