July 17, 2008

Another Front Page by Me

I get a lot of inspiration browsing the items on Etsy and I love collecting them into treasuries - I find this process to be very creative. Amazing how many kinds of beautiful items you can find there and how creative the people who made them are. And I think that I already have the signs of addiction to it, because when Etsy had some problems with that and I couldn't connect to them, it made me angry…
This is another treasury that I have curated and have made it to Etsy's front page. It's a pity that it stayed there for only a short time before the treasury system got mad…


  1. beautiful trasury! sorry i missed it and congrats for the FP! :-)

  2. Lovely treasury. Sorry it didn't stay up there long. I know how that is. One I was on was on Front Page and the system crashed. I never got to see it there.

  3. Oh, I guess I missed yours. And even for a short time, I'm sure it was an excitement! Congrats to you too, Marilyn :)