May 29, 2008

Premio Arte Y Pico Award - Part II

The second award was bestowed to me by a French beader, Marylo, La reveneuse de bijoux, whom I didn't know until now. Thank you Marylo, I checked your blog and found a lot of beautiful and inspiring work!

This award I bestow to these 5 blogs:
1. Pink Pooch Designs from the USA - I admire her for weaving her snapshot bracelets, one bead at a time, and creating such an amazing work.
2. Artistic Flaire by Deb Disalvo – Deb creates unique creations made from glass. Her work is colorful and fun and sometimes surprising!
3. Try-to-be-better from Germany, who create beautiful and colorful bead woven jewelry. Visiting her blog is always a pleasure!
4. deEva from Hungary- Eva's blog is full with beautiful and inspiring work, and she kindly posts her illustrations and schemas to the benefit of other bead weavers.
5. Green Envy Designs from Australia - The bead woven jewels she designs are very artistic and interesting.
The rules for passing the award on are on my previous post (you can copy&paste)


  1. Hi! I admire your beadwork very much - congratulation to the award and of course your beautiful jewels!

  2. Wow! You've chosen some wonderful artists! I've bookmarked every one of them. Thank you for sharing!

  3. You welcome, Linda, and indeed, they are all admirable! :)

  4. You welcome and well desereved, PinkPooch! I envy you your patience for this kind of work that you do!

  5. awwwwwww :D you gave me an award!!!!!!!!!!! that is sooooooooooo sweet! :D from all the people yu could choose from! :D thanks so much i feel all soggy special!!!!!! *smooch* your truly too kind! *hug* es

  6. You welcome, Es, and well desereved! :)