January 03, 2008

One, Two, Three... Bingo?..

I had to unpicked this necklace two times and I almost gave up finishing it.
At first, I just weaved two pieces in Ladder stitch and connected them together in the front by tying the edges (like a men's tie) and reinforced it with hidden stitches. It looked strange and I didn't like it (I don't have a photo of this first design).
Instead, I thought I'd make one pattern, known as the Serpentine, that was shown recently in the European forums.
I connected one Swarovski chaton in its setting close to the edge of the necklace in front, and weaved a number of 15/0 seed beads above and below it (decreasing), to cover the space created between the two connection points.
I probably didn't keep the correct direction of the thread coming in and out the beads from both sided of the necklace, so the Serpentine pattern didn't come out well - it was asymmetric and twisted. I unpicked it the second time.

The First Attempt With The Serpentine Pattern

I finally decided to make it simple: I used the chaton and 15/0 as before, but kept the upper part free - I didn't connected the two sides of the necklace.

More to the design problems, I used C-Lon thread (matching the beads colour) and although I waxed it before using, it kept splitting every few beads threaded :(
That was quite a work on a quite simple necklace..Still, I am not sure I like it, but NO way I'll unpick it again..

 The Final Design

 Close-up On The Pattern

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