October 21, 2008

New Bracelet and Necklace

It may sound crazy to you, but every night when I go to bed (it's more close to early morning actually... ;) and trying to get some sleep, my mind refuses to let go of my beading. I lay in bed, thinking of my beads and other materials I have and rolling ideas of new designs I want to try with them. It sometimes gets worse :D…. when I actually go out of bed, run to my beading table to write down a few notes and a quick sketch of a new idea that came up. I have to do this, otherwise it's usually pushed aside by new ones that keep running in my head, or it became like a dream that you won't remember in the morning… I think I'll put a little notebook beside my bed, so at least I won't have to go out of bed… I know I need more sleep, but I can't help it, I'm kind of a "night person" and I'm a true addict I guess…

Anyway, this new necklace and bracelet with button clasp are one of those "night ideas". I bought this beautiful mixture of seed beads recently, without knowing what to do with it – I just couldn't resist the wonderful colors and finishes of it.. And I had a Swarovski crystal "golden shadow" Rivoli for quite a while, so I thought it would make a nice complementary to this bracelet.

I have a new necklace in the works, made with other beautiful beads I had no idea what to do with them, but after 2-3 nights I finally had one… :D
Do you also buy a lot of beads just because they are beautiful, or you buy only what you need for a specific project? For me, buying beads is as pleasant as beading… I forget all my worries when I shop for beads!…(did I mention addiction?..) :D


  1. What's crazy about beading in your head at night? I bet you dream about it too, I know I do. :-)
    Both new pieces are simply lovely. Wow.

  2. Ha! I do that same thing... thinking of designs while I'm lying there ready to go to sleep. I do have a little notebook on my nightstand, though, and it's wonderful. I don't even turn the light on sometimes -- just reach over and scribble something on the note. I've always been able to read it the next day, so I guess it's working. Eventually all the ideas get put into a single notebook, and then when I eventually get around to executing one of them I can cross it off.

    I can't imagine ever having beaders' block!

  3. I love buying beads because they're beautiful. When I shop for a specific project it takes forever!

  4. Your pieces are so stunning Smadar!

    I have many beads I've bought just because they are beautiful and I haven't figured out what to do with them yet. I also dream about beading. I think I need to take up Mary Lou's habit and put a notebook by the bed! :)

  5. I have sleepless nights too, but mine revolve around fabric and embroidery. Glad to know that beaders are the same way.

  6. first of all... they are both gorgeous!!!!! I LOVE the colours and the photos are stunning!!! 2nd yeah sleepless nights... obsession... beads!!!! :-) it all sounds too familiar ;-) I personaly buy beads because I love them not because I need them.... but I realised today, I must start using some of the ones I've been buying before buying any more!!! :-)it's a total addiction!!! :-)

  7. I am with you ladies...beading often is occupying my head when I'm trying to get to sleep.
    Keeping a notebook by the bed is a great idea.

  8. Very beautiful Smadar!!
    I can see that I am in good company. I spend the time before I fall to sleep solving the current design problems of that day. I do most of my beading and thinking in the early morning hours.

  9. Melody, I was afraid to tell about dreaming. LOL
    It's nice to know that I'm not alone on this - only a beader could understand I guess... Thank you all!

  10. your beadworks are so wonderful! i wish i could make some of those too. oh, i'm so envious!

  11. Wonderful! You are so talented!

  12. Thanks so much, jan and laane!

    Jan, I felt the same way before I came in to this world of beading :)
    All it takes is a real passion and some patience...

  13. My mother told me a few weeks ago that since I was young, I always had pen and paper in hand. Surprised me!

    great looking jewelry set!

  14. Wow they're both very beautiful!!

    I have a sketch book next to my bed, just in case :->

  15. I think I've already told you that before, but I wanted to tell you again! :-)

  16. Hi, just dropping by to let you know I've given you an award on my blog, http://coconutpalmdesigns.blogspot.com


  17. Your bracelet and necklace are wonderful.

  18. I do the same thing! I have a hard time falling asleep at night because there are waaaay to many ideas going through my head. And I think it's about 50/50 on bead buying, half for projects and half because I just can't resist :P

  19. All beaders round the world have the same problem :)
    "they buy beads because they love them and not because they need them".
    Your beadwork is gorgeous!!!!

    Cheers Silvia

  20. Thank you so much, storybeader, three fates, katy, rose works, broadway matrons and Silvia! :)

    That notebook thing really works.. I already have a few ideas written there!

    Emily, good luck with your beading! but be careful - it's very addictive...in a positive way..:D

    Lonestarvintageclothing, thank you!

    Coconutpalmdesigns, thank you so much for the award! I'm honored! :)